Great fun

Hawthorn Touch7s is great fun for all the family.

Over the course of each 90 minute session, our fully qualified referees and skills coaches run everyone through the basics and some fun skills & drills before we have two games of Touch7s, so there’s plenty of action to keep even the most active boy or girl satisfied.

Touch7s is the non-contact form of Rugby 7s, the fast-paced, high-scoring game you’ve seen played at the Rio Olympics and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

It’s super easy to learn – if you can run with a ball in your hands, you’re playing Touch7s!

The game itself is seven-a-side, plus up to three subs (players can sub-off anytime they want a break), 2 x 7-10 minute halves with a 2-5 minute half time.

So round up the whole family, friends, neighbours, workmates and register now! You don’t need a full team to register.

You’re going to love Hawthorn Touch7s!


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