COVIDSafe Plan


We’re really excited to be getting back out on the paddock and looking forward to seeing the kids running around, having some fun.

COVID19 return to play protocols
In order to keep everyone safe and to comply with the requirements of the Victorian government, we have prepared a Return to Play (RTP) plan in conjunction with the City of Boroondara and Rugby Victoria. Under our RTP plan, every player, coach and parent/carer is required to adhere to the following safeguards.

Should I be at the Club?
– We ask all families to respect any travel restrictions, such as the 25km rule.
– Do not to come to training if you are unwell or have been unwell in the previous 14 days or been in contact with a known or suspected COVID19 case.
– Any person with respiratory symptoms, even if mild, must have a medical clearance before returning to play.
– Any players who are returning to play after suffering a confirmed case of COVID19 are required to consult their doctor regarding a staggered return to exercise.
– Any players, coaches or parents/carers who may at be higher risk from COVID19 (elderly, pregnant, immune compromised) are advised not to attend sessions.
– In the event that the Government returns to the practice of declaring COVID19 ‘priority suburbs‘ (hotspots), any players, coaches or parents/carers who live in one of the declared hotspots are asked not to attend sessions until their suburb is removed from the hotspot list.

Before play
– We ask all players to observe good hygiene practices, including thorough hand wash before and after attending the Club (at home).
– While toilets will be available at the ground, we ask families to make use of the toilet at home before training, so as to minimise the use of public toilets.
– Each child is to bring their own water bottle. Water bottles are not to be shared.
– Please remind your child of the basics: don’t train if unwell, use hand sanitiser when directed, no sharing of water bottles.

When I arrive
– Anyone entering the ground is to register with our COVID Officer, so as to allow us to record attendance.
– On arrival everyone will be asked to use hand sanitizer and to provide their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes using the Services Victoria QR Code registration system.  Please download the Services Victoria app to smooth this process.

Throughout the session
– Please remind your child to cough or sneeze into their elbow if needs be, or better, carry a tissue with them.
– If your child is feeling unwell at any stage, they are to inform the coach who will contact the Club health officer to accompany the child to their parent/carer.
– A reminder again that water bottles are not to be shared and use of Club toilet facilities is to be minimised during training & play sessions.

After the session
– We ask all players to observe good hygiene practices, including a thorough hand wash before and after play (at home).
– Any attendee to a session that subsequently is confirmed to have contracted COVID19 is to advise the Club as such (your privacy will be strictly observed). The Club will then work with the Department of Health for the purposes of contact tracing.
– We will thoroughly wash and disinfect all equipment (rugby balls and cones) ready for the next session.

– Parent/carers are required to remain at training throughout the session, consistent with the Club’s Child Safety Policy.
– Please observe at least 1.5m physical distance at all times, no handshakes or contact of any sort.

In the interests of keeping everyone safe and ensuring it is possible for us to continue to play, we ask that you and your child/ren strictly adhere to the RPT plan requirements as outlined above. Any player or parent/carer not complying with the RPT protocols will be asked to leave the session and may not be allowed to return to play for the duration of the COVID19 restrictions.

If you have any questions regarding the RPT protocols or our RPT Plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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